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Handling of personal information
The customer's name, phone number, address and email address provided in the subscription application are the property of Yomiuri Shimbun (Tokyo Headquarters, Osaka Headquarters, Western Headquarters) and the YC (Yomiuri Center) in charge of the customer's area, shared use by Yomiuri Shimbun dealers, personal insformation is used for responding to customer inquiries and other inquiries, sending information on sales promotion campaigns, performing delivery operations, sending notifications for various services and events, and subscribing It may be used for recommendations, extensions of subscription, information on products handled other than newspapers, information on products and services of companies that YC and the Yomiuri Group cooperate with and affiliate with, and the home delivery business. For details on the handling of personal information and shared use by the Yomiuri Group, please refer to the Yomiuri Shimbun Personal Information Protection Policy . Please fill out the form and click the "I agree and next" button. By clicking "I agree and next", you are deemed to have agreed to the handling of personal information.